“Every breath that I have taken for the past 50 years had a sole purpose to make me ready for this time of my life. My destiny has brought me to this point. With the help of my inner voice guiding my path through my journey. I am convinced more than ever what my mission is on planet earth: I am to execute my dream and manifest my creations as long as I live. I am going to create the most beautiful clothes ever made in the world through my company, Sima Collezione!”  

While the world was going through an upheaval and periods of darkness during Covid, I was finally able to pursue my passion and make my dream come true. I have designed 50 illustrations of high style, exclusive, sophisticated dresses which I call my dream dresses! I have used solid bold colors and have refined them with jewels and other embellishments. Each dress has its own identity and character but all 50 are cohesive to my theme. I have brought back glamour, elegance and old hollywood charm. Each dress is an absolute work of art!”

  “ The colors are bright which exemplifies the importance of being bold. The dresses are refined with jewels which serve the purpose of being able to shine. The details and the placement of embellishments serve as making each dress a work of art. The dresses have a European flair of old class elegance. Each dress is created differently but yet each has the cohesiveness of my theme. “  

“Sima Collezione exemplifies the ultimate of beauty, femininity, elegance, class and strength.  Most important, any one who wears Sima Collezione will shine like a star”  

“ The mission of my brand is to empower women by creating unique, bold and vibrant dresses which will bring out each woman’s inner beauty and light. Each dress is made to the highest ethical standard and every purchase will help  another woman in need through the brand’s charity”

“ Empowering your beauty to shine “  

“ Sima Collezione is about all the positive forces of nature! It is about love,compassion,integrity,peace,light,charity,human kindness.It is a brand with heart and soul! Anyone wearing my dresses will be able to reflect all of that in the world and will be a representation of light”  

“ I have created 50 high style, exclusive, sophisticated dresses which I call my dream dresses!

They have never ever been seen in the world because the thoughts and ideas did

not come to me through a book or magazine, but instead came straight from my 

Heart and soul”

“ I do not have a fashion degree and most certainly, I have never taken any fashion design classes. My background is a simple housewife. Nevertheless, these designs came to me through my higher consciousness and I was able to transpire them on paper and make them real. These designs have come from the truest source of my essence and soul!”  

“ My vision is to create the most beautiful dresses the world has not yet seen. My mission is to empower women by creating bold and vibrant dresses which will bring out their inner beauty and light.”My dream is to help women charities as long as I live.  I am more determined than ever to follow my vision, walk my mission and bring my dream to reality”  

“ Sima Collezione is bringing back class, integrity, elegance, refinement and beauty. Each dress is made with a purpose and represents a deeper meaning of nature and love. It is a brand of heart and soul”  

“ Sima Collezione is not about greed or glory but about a dream”  

“ Sima Collezione is different yet divine “  

“Hearing my singing voice will give you clarity of my vision and purpose”  

“ I am not interested in competing with other brands. My sole purpose is to execute my vision”  

“ The only way my dream will come true and I have completed my mission is when Sima Collezione is a world wide phenomena of creating and distributing the most beautiful clothes and at the same time with its proceeds helping women charities all around the world”  

“ I am more determined than ever to live my dream and manifest it to reality!  

“ I would like to create a movement in the apparel industry! I would like ladies to focus on their inner beauty within and shine their own individual light out to the universe.”

“ As Christian Dior mentioned, after women, flowers are the most divine creations!.  Sima Collezione is all about flowers.”  

“ winner of top 100 leader award at Fabcon USA 2020   www.fabcon.world

“ Sima Azadegan will be featured in Bloomberg BusinessWeek”  

“ Sima Azadegan will be featured in Forbes Magazine”

“ Sima Azadegan  will be featured in US Reporter, LA wire and Kivo Daily”

“ Sima Azadegan will be featured in San Francisco Post, Portland News, Market Daily and New York Weekly”