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    Weaving and Wearing Dreams and Story With Sima Azadegan

    Weaving and Wearing Dreams and Story With Sima Azadegan

    Millions of women around the globe have built their dreams and goals through dedication, persistence, and hard work, and Sima Azadegan is one of those women.

    Sima Azadegan was born from an immigrant family, and at her young age, she failed to find a voice. She grew up wanting to do the right thing, and most of all, to please others. Yet, her creative path already started when she enrolled in classical piano training, which became a momentum-setter for the rest of her life. At the age of 17, Sima Azadegan entered the University of Southern California and graduated with a double major in Political Science and Music. Her hard work vividly manifested when she started to raise her own family after she had met her husband at the age of 21. She continued her creative pursuit in becoming a classical piano teacher for twenty years.

    Aside from her dedication to playing the role of a good mother to her son, Daniel, and daughter, Dana, Sima Azadegan has also adopted a boy named Jordi. Even if her adopted son differs from her religion and culture, she still showed unconditional support and love. She extended her arms filled with love through her involvement in many charitable causes, like raising money for the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem and served as one of the board members of the Neuromuscular Disease Foundation. Sima Azadegan did not limit herself to charitable works; she also became a counselor and traveled the world, teaching women the importance of spirituality. Her active participation propelled herself to become a woman who is molded with selflessness, compassion, and service.

    After several years of experience and collecting nuggets of lessons and wisdom that surfaced from her life, Sima Azadegan translated her vision and creativity into a company which she named Sima Collezione. The fashion and clothing line company aims to empower women and to help build a positive consciousness around the globe.

    Sima Collezione, which is also inspired by her name, Sima, is the manifestation of her overcoming hardships and struggles. This fashion line came into its fruition from her motivation and desire to build a brand that imprints her legacy. "I believe that for the past 50 years, every breath, every experience, and every thought had a purpose to get me ready to follow my mission," she says.

    She envisioned that women who wore Sima Collezione are wearing, and at the same time, telling a story of strength, perseverance, and dreams. It is not merely wearing a beautiful dress but also wearing someone's dreams and life that knows how to overcome challenges.

    "In 5 years from now, I see myself on top of the fashion world," Sima Azadegan says. "By that time, I have created a movement never, ever made by anyone in the apparel industry. I have influenced women all around the world to look and feel more confident as well as embrace their beauty and light within. I have also influenced women to look deeper within themselves and embrace their positive forces within." The creation of her fashion line is anchored with a purpose and mission. The vibrant, bold, and unique dresses from her collection aim to bring out women's light and voice.

    Be bold, and wear the story of your choice at Sima Collezione. Connect with Sima Azadegan through Instagram and LinkedIn.

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    Sima Collezione to Launch Its High Fashion Gowns This 2021

    Sima Collezione to Launch Its High Fashion Gowns This 2021

    2021 is a year full of promise for rising fashion designer and entrepreneur Sima Azadegan as her dream to launch her own line of high fashion dresses and gowns come to fruition. As she prepares to introduce Sima Collezione to the world, she also unravels a new and exciting season in her life after overcoming life’s many challenges, finding her true inner beauty, and discovering her untapped creativity. Determined to see her vision come to pass, Azadegan will be revolutionizing the fashion industry with her extraordinary eye for fashion.

    Her greatest motivation is to empower every woman who wears her unique creations and for them to also tap into their inner strength and beauty as they set out to conquer the world. As she focuses all of her energy and creativity on creating the most beautiful dresses the world has yet to see, she also aspires to make a lasting impact not just in the fashion industry but also in the life of every woman who proudly wears Sima Collezione.

    “There is nothing more important in life than to believe in yourself and the mission you were destined to accomplish. No matter how dark the outside world is, you have to stay true to yourself with strength and confidence. My company, Sima Collezione, stands for all the positive forces of nature. Its mission is to empower women by creating bold and vibrant dresses which bring out their inner beauty and light,” Sima Azadegan explains.

    Interestingly, Azadegan has no background in fashion design whatsoever. The proud housewife has been teaching classical piano for the past 20 years after finishing a degree in Political Science and Music from the University of Southern California. While playing classical music has been a childhood passion of hers, her deep love for fashion also remained resounding over the years. Now that two of her children have come of age, she is unfolding a new season in her life by venturing into her own business.

    Apart from her career teaching classical piano, Azadegan has been actively involved in various charitable causes over the past years. She has been on the board of Hadassah, an organization that raises financial support for the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. Furthermore, she has been on the board of the NeuroMuscular Disease Foundation, a thriving organization supporting the initiative to find cures for various diseases.

    Sima Azadegan is also a dedicated counselor and loves to travel the world to teach women spirituality. She is well-known for hosting events that raise funds for numerous charitable organizations. At present, she is a member of the Visionary Women Organization, headed by Lilly Boss, the mayor of Beverly Hills. She is also part of the International Society of Female Entrepreneurs and Children International.

    To continue her support for the numerous causes she believes in, Azadegan has committed to donating a certain percentage of every item sold from Sima Collezione. Not only is she exemplifying the essence of true beauty, femininity, and elegance, she is also bringing hope to those who need it the most.

    In the coming years, Sima Azadegan looks forward to seeing her brand becoming an international brand, known for its excellent quality, glorious designs, and exceptional service. In sharing her life story, she aspires to inspire other women like her to never give up on their dreams. Instead, every woman should at least try to pursue that one dream that most people said could not be done. As she is a living example herself, she will continue to show women that anything is possible when they put their heart into something.

    Country: United States of America

    Media Contact: Sima Azadegan

    Company: Sima Collezione

    Email: sima@simacollezione.com

    Phone number: 310-600-7570

    Instagram: @simacollezione

    Website: www.simacollezione.com

    Sima Azadegan of Sima Collezione Proves It's Never Too Late to Discover One's Passion

    Sima Azadegan of Sima Collezione Proves It's Never Too Late to Discover One's Passion

    One often settles in a profession after dedicating decades to it. For more than two decades, Sima Azadegan has nurtured a career as a classical piano teacher. Her journey in music began at the young age of 17. But being the multifaceted creative that she is, Sima fiercely pivoted her life in pursuit of another passion.

    Sima Azadegan is the founder and CEO of Sima Collezione, a clothing brand that forwards colorful and empowering pieces for women made by women. Named after herself, the founder seeks to radiate her personality and feminine touch. "Sima Collezione exemplifies the ultimate of beauty, femininity, elegance, class, and strength. Most importantly, anyone who wears Sima Collezione will shine like a star," said the founder.

    Before founding her brand, Sima Azadegan led an accomplished life in music and raising her family. But with her children growing up to carve their own paths, she found it challenging to enter a period of change. Sima wanted to explore other avenues where she can express her creativity and impact others just as much as she has done through music. At 50, Sima Collezione was born, bearing the mission of digging deeper into her identity, calling, and purpose.

    Sima Azadegan realized that her previous experiences have led her to be the woman she is today. "No matter how dark the outside world is, you have to stay true to yourself with strength and confidence. My company, Sima Collezione, stands for all the positive forces of nature. Its mission is to empower women by creating bold and vibrant dresses which bring out their inner beauty and light," shared the founder.

    Additionally, Sima Collezione is an avenue for Sima Azadegan to create a positive impact and build a legacy as an entrepreneur that uplifts women creatives. Every dress helps the woman behind it, paying the success forward and ensuring that everyone involved in the creative process wins. Sima wants to be known as a designer who has made a difference in the industry, and indeed her charitable efforts have set the bar higher for others to reach.

    Sima Azadegan emphasizes that everyone has a responsibility to carry out their dreams and make them come true. Sima Collezione may have taken five decades to come to fruition, but the founder made sure that it would not only be a passion project but a brand that would genuinely connect with women in more ways than one.

    Sima Collezione is a celebration of Sima Azadegan's success in winning over her battles. "My destiny has brought me to this point. With the help of my inner voice guiding my path through my journey. I am convinced more than ever what my mission is on planet earth: I am to execute my dream and manifest my creations as long as I live. I am going to create the most beautiful clothes ever made in the world through my company, Sima Collezione," said Sima.

    Sima Azadegan aims to influence women across the globe to embrace their authentic selves through fashion. Without a doubt, Sima Collezione will rise as one of fashion's most-prized jewels, worn by everyone with pride and recognized as wearable pieces of art.

    Learn more about Sima Azadegan and Sima Collezion on their ​website​ and ​Instagram account​.