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Emerging Talents Milan Fall-Winter 2022/2023

Emerging Talents Milan Fall-Winter 2022/2023

For the Fall-Winter 2022/2023 season Emerging Talents Milan brings together global design talents to present collections with sustainability, craftsmanship, and innovation.

Driven by passion, joy, and the invention of brilliant creative minds, we become part of fascinating theatrical performances together once again in Palazzo Visconti.

Vitor Zerbinato’s @vitorzerbinato FW2022/23 Studio 54 collection is influenced by the irreverence, freedom, and sensuality that permeated the exclusive events at Studio 54 in New York between the 1970s and 1980s. For this Fall – Winter 2022/2023 Vitor brings the carefully studied volumes in taffeta, snakes that crawl through the sexy tailoring together with tulle and feathers that move your pieces. A collection made to dance!

Cristina Beautiful Life @cristinabeautifullife emphasizes in clothes with boho style, vintage aesthetics but at the same time having a trendy “in-fashion” mood. Her collection tries to pair the “Coachella Girl” side by side with the “Chic Lady”, and vice versa. It’s not only about the designs or the fabrics. Mostly. It’s about the love and devotion on every cloth that she makes.From the very beginning of design until the final cut the Greek fashion house monitors with special care every step of the production to meet the highest quality standard and brand’s aesthetics.

Sima Collezione @simacollezione for the first time ever unravels to the world a preview showcase from her 50 exclusive, high style, evening wear dress collection. Her passion and heart and soul have merged to create an exclusive line that brings all the positive forces of nature into one-of-a-kind evening wear collection. Each of her dresses exemplifies a theme that encompasses the essence of love, peace, hope, faith, kindness, and charity!The designer has blended beauty with heart and soul to celebrate the ultimate elegance, glamor, class, and integrity.

Dobrzanska Couture House @dobrzanska_couturehouse delivers modern, wearable visions from another age. Handmade and rich in legacy from its bold patterns to its fabric choices and techniques. This brand pays homage to Inese’s grandmother Nelly, a strong matriarch who taught her to appreciate the fine arts in dramatic performance, luxury craftsmanship, and history. DOBRZANSKA’s embroidery is inspired by Art Nouveau architecture and jewelry, combining fluid floral lines and the embellishments of rich antique gold and silver adornment. The organic forms found in nature were abstracted into sophisticated and flowing motifs, in an ethereal blend of patterns and human profiles.

Maya Seyferth @maya_seyferth_official Fall-Winter 2022/23 was inspired by her memories of visiting Coney Island before and after the pandemic, the collection is driven by the purpose to create, revolutionize, sophisticated pieces that simultaneously inspire those who wished to stylishly distinguish themselves amongst the crowd, creating pieces that bridge fantasy and reality. The pieces are playful and imaginative, but always made with quality materials and that is Maya Seyferth’s way.


VOR Make-up @vormakeup is the synthesis of millions of looks, faces, colours, technique and art, which the founder Valeria Orlando has enclosed in the cosmetic house born right in the backstage of the catwalks. The VOR Make-up, completely made in Italy, contains a formula that is the result of 8 years of research, experimentation and studies.

Gloria Natural Cosmetics @prirodna_kozmetika_gloria provides a natural and healthy solution for women, men, and babies. Being a natural cosmetic brand, all products fit all skin types. Gloria products consist of the Gold Collection (Day Cream, Night Cream, Hyaluronic Cream, Face Scrub, and Gold Serum) and the Silver Collection (Body, Hair, Baby Care, and Men’s Care Products). The products are made carefully and by hand, with exclusively cold-pressed, unrefined first-class vegetable oils, and all recipes are original and are the result of phyto aromatherapy and pharmaceutical knowledge, experience, and constant research.

Art Director Tariel Bisharian
Head of Styling Russ Ev
Beauty Director & Key Makeup Artist Valeria Orlando
Head of Hair Styling Antonio Iengo
Head of Backstage Giuliana Bortolato
Lighting and Set Family Studio Srl
Partners Lumière Banqueting, Salvatore Caputo Shoes, Backstage No Limits

Here is list of website were Sima Collezion was featured about this event.


Harpers Bazaar

Marie claire








Flying Solo’s 500 Look Paris Fashion Show Showcases Talent from all over the Globe.

Flying Solo’s 500 Look Paris Fashion Show Showcases Talent from all over the Globe.

Flying Solo’s 500 Look Paris Fashion Show Showcases Talent from all over the Globe.

The show was held steps away from the Arc de Triomphe and had guests queuing outside all day to catch a glimpse of the breathtaking designs.

The presentation featured collections The presentation featured collections of womenswear, menswear, accessories, hats, scarves, jewelry, and shoes. Designer’s collections offered something for every taste from stunning evening wear to accessories to elevated streetwear. The runway presentation was full of guests eager to spot trends and discover the hottest designers from around the globe. Trends included: vibranthue, bold fabric choices, ruffles, streetwear inspired silhouettes, and intricate details seen in both jewelry and clothes styled by creative director and head stylists Alina Kotsiuba and Stasi Berezovskaya.




blacktogrey, Spain @_blacktogrey

.blacktogrey was founded on our discovery of new sustainable manufacturing methods that both enhance the environment and respect the workers producing our garments. There is a climate crisis that cannot be ignored. We are the generation to end bad habits, redirect the downward projection of our planet, and make positive changes that will endure the test of time. Now is the time to disrupt the fashion industry as we know it. .blacktogrey is a movement supporting unconventional and innovative ideas to inspire the world to get involved in circular economies by recycling old clothes and creating new garments that last a lifetime.

831 MINHLE, USA @831minhle

831MINHLE is a modern lifestyle brand that exemplifies bold, feminine ideals through a fresh and elegant aesthetic grounded in supreme craftsmanship and personalized service. Founded by Minh Le in 2017, 831MINHLE has built a local, national, and global reputation as a leader in women’s fashion through discerning design and a classic aesthetic with an eclectic twist. The warm, personalized, one-on-one service provided by Minh Le herself is a hallmark of the 831MINHLE experience.

Alexandra Popescu-York, USA @alexandrapopescuyork

“Settled in the US for over fifteen years, she’s built an impressive record of national and international fashion shows and exhibitions.
Beside her many fashion awards and recognitions, her paintings have also been included in the Art Exhibition at the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations.
All products are designed and made in New York in her atelier and some special pieces are cut and sew in Europe. Her brand was published in VOGUE magazine and many other publications.”

ANDREA AYALA, El Salvador @byAndreaAyala

Empowering women through sophisticated pieces. Made with love in El Salvador


“Ani as an endeavor, truly began a couple of years ago when the founder Shivani Aggarwal began designing captivating collections at her university in New York – Parsons School of Design. She creates designs that are not only beautiful to the eyes, but also have attraction in significance and meaning for everyday wear. “Ani” is an abbreviation of her name; her being the essence and soul of this journey.
Having had an intern experience in manufacturing of European ready to wear
brands like Bershka, Stradivarius, Promod, Mango and New Look, she understands the importance of quality and demand of the domestic market in relation with the western world.”

atelier COĪN, Canada @atelier.coin

Atelier COĪN is a solo venture exploring the art of sewing. Inspired by the environment that surrounds, emerges a blend of utility & design. Made with quality fabrics sourced locally. Zero waste, leave no trace mentality. Every piece is designed cut & sewn by Cameron Lizotte in Victoria BC Canada. 1 of 1 only, because we are all individual. Together.

Atelieria bridal & wedding, Brazil @atelieria

“Karen and Xu Tognato are sisters and accomplices in the art of creation. From São Paulo living on the paradisiacal coast of Santa Catarina, they run Atelieria, a studio for unique pieces of wedding dresses, parties, even a cool and elegant prêt-à-porter that combines materials from the best and most prestigious suppliers on the planet. There are dozens of meters of lace and several kilos of crystals, a lot of embroidery, handwork, embroidery, tulle overlays, gemstones and adornments, dozens of decades of expertise of a team of seamstresses and embroiderers of high standards.”

ATITÚ, Brazil @use.atitu

“We are ATITÚ, a premium women’s clothing brand that practices slow fashion in Brazil.
We hand-pick our fabrics and trims, we care about the impeccable fit of the modeling, we prioritize our strict quality control to ensure that the pieces escaped according to our standard and we value the small details from stationery to the final finish, as it deserves the. We were born with the purpose of valuing women, keeping them ready for any occasion. Our goal is to hold your hand and help you immerse yourself in your own world through our pieces that respect your history.”

Baroque Japanesque, Japan @baroquejapanesque

Japanese and Western / Japanese soul Western talent design made by designers of double bases in Europe and Japan A flower and butterfly design based on a Japanese-style x European-style arrangement that rises to the right By printing on, we arrange it so that anyone can feel free to enjoy Japanese patterns . Unisex design that transcends age and gender. Adopting a semi-custom-made system that considers SDGs More than 50% of the clothes produced in the world are discarded. Baroque Japan esque is a semi-order system that is produced after an order is placed. An eco-friendly brand that does not generate waste. Since we will make it after the order is placed, we will make customers wait longer than other shops. Therefore, we bear all shipping costs. Wakon Yosai Japanese traditional patterns are arranged and printed in Baroque, Gothic, and Art Nouveau style. Designed for blousons, T-shirts, shoes, bags and skateboards. It is the world’s four largest collections with a one-of-a-kind design.

Biola Brentwood, Canada-Nigeria @biolabrentwoodinternational

Biola Brentwood is a Nigerian brand that produces sophisticated wears for Women within an outside Nigeria. Launched in March 2015 in Lagos, Nigeria, Biola Brentwood is bringing the richness and vibrancy of the African culture through Fashion to the global stage, thereby positioning her as a viable brand to the ready-to-wear market

Blaize Caprice, USA @blaizecaprice

“Blaize Caprice is a New York City & London based women’s designer RTW Label.
The daughter of a tailor, Blaize Caprice Heil merges a pedigree in bespoke with a passion for sustainable luxury fashion. Her eponymous label, Blaize Caprice, is heavily-inspired by the craftsmanship and attention to detail found in bespoke menswear. Using only the finest quality fabrics and materials, each garment is soft to the touch and built to last. Materials are sourced directly from partners with whom we have built close personal relationships and who share like-minded principles regarding sustainable production. Each garment is made-to-order in New York City and held to the highest standards and precision of fine tailoring. Blaize Caprice’s exclusive collection of high-quality luxury staples has been created for modern women who believe that every item in your closet should be carefully selected and appreciated. These pieces were made with care and prove that elevated style can also be effortless”

Bugaric, Austria @bugaric_

My name is Goran Bugaric. I started my brand Bugaric in October 2012. I was born in Serbia on April 14th 1983 and moved to Vienna Austria in October 2002. My Brand stands for diversity, Love for tailoring, good fit and interesting Fabrics. I make 1 collection per Year and a lot of made to measure. My passion are custom made garments, from day to day dresses to wedding dresses and ballgowns. My Atelier is in Vienna and I am a part of the co-working space “SchnittBogen”. It is a space where a lot of creative people come together, work and collaborate. Personal approach is very important to me, knowing my customers and trying my best to deliver the perfect fit.

BYNIUMAAL, Spain @byniumaal

“BYNIUMAAL is born to become a gathering place for women who want to invest in design, quality and sustainabilty.
We look for a long lifespan of each garment we create, that´s why we get inspired in a timeless style with a neat design.Our main purpose is to democratize quality making sustainable pieces more accesible to women.Transparency and traceability are priorities in each of our procedures, with the goal of pushing a positive change in the fashion industry together.
BYNIUMAAL is a lifestyle, is minimalism, independence, exclusivity.”

CARTÉ LUXURY, UK @carteluxe

In a artistic world of your own CARTÉ luxury lifestyle, paintings, vinyl, pottery and much more.

Contracorriente, Mexico @contracorriente.mexico

“Contracorriente was born in México, full of dreams, elegance, simplicity and quality. Inspired by Mexican roots, connecting with the sea. Made by women for women.

It is born from the need to not follow the flow of life, to do what you really want to do and put aside what they tell you that you should or should not be, that is why our name means against the current.
Our real name live against the current.”

Dash and Dot clothing, India @thedashanddot

One person’s basics are another person’s dressy,” believes Dash and Dot founder Ashray Gujral. The label was born in 2020 in response to changing dynamics during the pandemic—with homes doubling up as offices and waist-up dressing for Zoom calls becoming the new norm. Their work-play collection was designed to look like work wear, but feel like tracksuits. The homegrown label produces daily wear that does not compromise on expressive design. Who says basics have to be unimaginative and dreary?

Decadent, Australia @decadent.label

Decadent is an Australian based ethical fashion label created by Asha Sym and Jake Steele creating unique couture and textile prints made from their own macro photographs of nature. Using fashion as a way of exploring different ethical and sustainable ideas through an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach the pair have created ranges and exhibitions that explore and speak about not just what you wear but why. Every garment is handmade and uniquely tailored to fit the individual. We want you to have a lifetime of wearing it. Intentionally purchasing slow fashion doesn’t need to be boring, it is creating a better future for those wearing it and those making it.

Diana Caramaci, Romania

The Diana Caramaci brand, named after the designer, was born in 2017, with the winning of the Young Desigers on Stage contest at Bucharest Fashion Week and is in a continuous ascent through the unique creations conceived. The style of a Designer is his signature, Diana Caramaci thus trying to create works of art with each designed piece of clothing. These are unique, slightly extravagant things that want to highlight the figure and features of every woman. With this in mind, the creations are aimed at strong and confident women. The materials used to create Diana Caramaci pieces are fluid natural materials, each gaining added value through the cut offered. From silk, embroidery, taffeta, brocades, an outfit must represent, reflect the style of each woman and highlight it.

Earth4863 Brand, USA @Earth4863_brand

“The story of Earth4863 begins with a love for vintage clothing and a quest to seek cool new clothing to wear during fashion week. Upon discov­er­ing and collecting of vintage hoodies and sweatshirts, I began making adjust­ments to the pieces, to up-cycle them to my own taste.
I started tie-dye them myself, experimenting with new technique that I had learn from my time in the fashion industry. Then I was fascinated by geometry patterns, especially Sacred Geometry and the mystical side of it that I got inspired to start applying the shapes onto my vintages.
The whole process was so inspiring, it lead me to start my brand Earth4863. With this brand, I wanted to be able to use my creativity, but also trying to solve the problem of waste. That was the beginning of an idea that turn into the brand you see today.
The core idea for Earth4863 from day one was to create one-of-a-kind, limited-edition luxury designs with a commitment to mindful, ethical production and sustainability, with recycling being the core principle. After my many years in the fashion industry, I had saw firsthand how wasteful the industry that I loved was. I was disillusion and ashamed on what was happening that lead me to make a change. At Earth4863, our limited run clothing made from dead stock fabrics are all handcrafted under ethical conditions in sewing shops 5 mins from our Los Angeles studio. Since the sewing shops are close to our office, we can visit our shops weekly to ensure fair wages are given and the workers are being treated fairly. By using only locally sourced, dead stock fabrics to up-cycling existing pieces, our goal is to create that special pieces that you will come back to over and over again to buy. We are always seeking new way to up-cycle styles to bring you fun, unique and effortless pieces that are as stylish as they are sustainable. We know you will cherish them as we do at Earth4863 Brand.”

EKaterina RinaR, Russia @_ekaterinarinar_

“From early childhood, Ekaterina realized that she wanted to give the world beauty by creating clothes. Art school and studies at the S. G. Stroganov Art and Industrial Academy in Moscow allowed to develop skills to a professional level. In order to become a fashion artist Katherine worked a lot studying color. In 2014 she was admitted to Vyacheslav Zaitsev Fashion Lab.
On February 20th 2015, as part of the “”Vyacheslav Zaitsev Fashion House”” international collaboration with the Checzh Republic Embassy to the Russian Federation, Katherine presented her first mini-collection at the venue with the great maestro. In 2015 she was awarded a prize at the professional fashion designer competition named after Nadezhda Lamanova. After these professional accomplishments she was invited to take part in the Moscow Fashion Week, where she was successfully presenting her collections from 2015-2017.
In 2018 Ekaterina was admitted to the leading fashion school “”Ecole de la Chamber Syndicale de la Coutoure Parisienne in Paris. Her diploma was awarded in 2019, and she received great professional experience in her internship at the Carisse Hieraix in France in 2019-2020.
2020 and 2021 were difficult for everyone, but it wasn’t a reason to stop. The fashion Brand of Ekaterina RinaR was created in 2021. Professional creative approach, own prints, development of lines of jersey knit fabric, exclusive individual design – all of this is offered and perfected Ekaterina RinaR. ”

El Monte Apparel, Australia @el_monte.apparel

“El Monte was formed from a desire to create streetwear that embodies the calm and relaxed lifestyle we all enjoy. Focusing on a minimalist design with a European twist, our urban collections are simple and considered, favouring high-quality materials and refined detail.
We pride ourselves on extremely comfy streetwear that will immediately become part of your everyday staples. You won’t want to take it off.”

Elif Köse Fashion House, UK @elifkoseofficial

“Elif Köse is a passionate fashion designer and entrepreneur, based in Rottingdean, East Sussex. Elif’s mission for every woman who wears her designs is to feel empowered and beautiful, knowing they have the confidence to do and achieve anything.
Elif first started her business in mobile alterations twelve years ago, working for a wealth of different designers and retailers a like. Since then she has started her own fashion line under her own name, and helped women from across the globe to find their voice and style.”

Étrange Studios, USA @EtrangeStudios

I’ve decided to name this collection “On Top Of The World”. The past year of my life has been arguably the best year of my life. Despite any negativity I’ve endured, God has opened doors for me that I would have never imagined myself walking through. I’ve met some incredible people, had some incredible experiences, made some incredible pieces, & been in some incredible places. I’m thankful for it all, I’m on top of the world.

Evameleswimwear, USA @evameleswimwear

“Evamele Swimwear LLC handmade luxury swimwear created and designed In Hawaii on the Island of Maui in the USA
Ohana (family) swimwear brand made for the island lifestyle. Products are handmade with love and aloha for every-body. Designed to make you feel and look like the goddess you are enhancing curves and natural beauty. Made with eco conscious fabrics and constructed to last long with the perfect fit.”

Flut’r by Shreya, USA

Slowly erasing the line between Indian and American formal wear

Glamazontay, USA @Glamazontay

“Octavia Outlaw is an American Fashion Designer, based in Los Angeles, CA. Octavia was born in Easton, Maryland in 1992 and attended North Dorchester High School. Octavia always had a flair for fashion that was fostered by her Maternal grandmother. One of the most impactful moments that sparked her interest in fashion was her grandmother telling her “you need to put some color in your life.” With that advice, a fire was ignited in Octavia giving her a passion to create, that is still burning today. After high school, Octavia studied fashion merchandising at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and while pursuing her degree she developed her fashion design skills. After graduating from college in 2016, Octavia’s desire to gain more hands-on knowledge in design lead her to an opportunity to intern for a well-known American designer, Adam Selman. Octavia spent a summer interning with Selman in Manhattan, NY gaining the experience she needed to launch her own brand just one year later. Soon after completing her internship, Octavia moved to Los Angeles, California to further her brand, Glamazontay.
Then in 2020 Octavia released her first big collection since college, Rodeo(row-de-oh) Rodeo (row-day-ow), mixing her present and past life, country girl with a city twang. It received exceptional reviews. Along with designing fashion, Octavia juggles being a business owner and entrepreneur as well as a very successful YouTube Influencer. She has a huge presence on YouTube and one of her most popular series highlighting the Los Angeles Fashion District captured over 2.9 million viewers.”

Heba Alqurashi, Saudi Arabia @hebaalqurashi

“The brand is indispensable for every woman who will settle for nothing less than global standards of excellence, customer support, and stitching detail in their bridal wear. The design team labours over every minor detail with gowns to truly transform your event experience. Therefore, we employ intricate hand-stitching that injects luxurious feel to make a woman feel like a queen!
The brand HEBA ALQURASHI has an eye on worldwide fashion trends, participation in fashion events. The brand strongly believes in accessible outfits that look beautiful and make you feel confident and fearless. Modern, contemporary, heavily embellished detailed artwork with most exquisite ready couture or ready to wear prêt; everything designed in our Jeddah studios is timeless and refined, season after season, with an appealing and stunning collection for our clients.
Today, we are very proud of our collection ranging from celebrity party wear collection to bridal gowns. We collaborate with talented models, photographers, and makeup artists to inspire and transform you. We strive hard to look for satisfied customer reviews which make the brand trustworthy. You get classic yet chic with the most wanted classic collection to flaunt! ”

House of Byfield, Netherlands @houseofbyfield_official

Carmicheal Byfield was born October 18, 1975 in Kingston Jamaica. In 2008 he migrated to the Netherlands, where he found his passion for designing men’s clothes. He spent most of his time (drawing, creating images and combining fabrics) which eventually led him to enroll Into A fashion school. In 2011 Carmicheal began freelancing as a self-motivated designer while studying fashion in the Netherlands. Byfield’s style is described as colorful and elegant, with a clever detailing and a sporty touch. Simple sophistication is achieved with light, flowing fabrics layered into asymmetric. Forms and often drapes directly on the body. Production is undertaken in the Netherlands using highly quality materials from the (Netherlands, Belgium & Germany). He is currently working feverously to present his collections twice yearly.

imperial Legacy Clothing, USA @il_clothing

Imperial Legacy Clothing is a groundbreaking art house presenting cutting edge designs for a new age of fashion and style. It is run by a dynamic Brother/Sister team. We make clothing with designs that embody mental health awareness, individuality, and Black Excellence. Our clothes represent the change the world needs today.

Joneek., Australia @joneek

Streetwear for you. Joneek is a Melbourne based brand. We focus on quality above all. Joneek is a unisex brand inspired by street style.

KH House of Khaddar, India @Khhouseofkhaddar

“Kamal Hassan House of Khaddar” is a clothing line, from India, of authentic handloom blended with Indian Heritage and Western designs and silhouettes. We will be working directly with the weavers and various craft communities across the state including block makers, printers and G.I. certified clusters. Blending Western silhouettes with Indian techniques is what sets us apart. The Khadi outfits we are putting together at KHHK are a refreshing take to what Khaddar is usually synonymous with; dull, boring, or just too Indian. We keep away from going traditional and throw the fabric into a completely new light that is elegant, majestic yet trendy. The mission is to save the art of Khadi and make Khadi cool and relatable to the young urban market. It’s also our responsibility to build a sustainable future for these communities by creating new products that will target a different market. The story of KH – House of Khaddar lies in bringing contemporary design to age-old weaves like Khadi – whether it’s the cut, feel or fit of the fabric.

KryKou, Canada

KRYKOU is a family business that offers, since 2016, a wide selection of handmade bow ties, ties with pocket squares, women’s accessories and baby items. All made locally from African wax fabric (loincloth).

Le Reussi, USA @le_reussi

We are a luxury fashion brand that means business. Made from the best factories around the world, mainly in Italy and USA.

Lea Detchema, Switzerland @leadetchema

Designed in Switzerland. Made in Paris

Lit Empire, Italy @lit___empire

“Lit empire is an Italian brand born in 2020 from the vision of Eleonora Pertegato, who has always been attracted by the charm of extravagance and the power of details.
The articles created are designed to enhance the wearer and instill courage, the courage to dare and be yourself, against all schemes and rules.
Each of us has a strength, perhaps even a small one, of which we are proud.
The philosophy of Lit Empire is based on putting the spotlight on precisely those details that escape a superficial eye and on making them a source of pride for those who own them, forgetting the defects that we inevitably all have.
It is the detail that makes us unique and it is precisely through the details that we can express our true essence.
For this reason, Lit Empire focuses on the customization of most of the items, allowing everyone to put something of themselves and their own style in our products.”

LzUp Designs, USA

The brand originally was formed in Atlanta 2013 right after high school graduation I already knew who I wanted to be. Before the word entrepreneur was even popular. I called it lzup one day it came to me years after elementary but before high school. I knew my art would be revolutionary. I was always into watches. The look you can match watch with is what gives it that spice. I’ve always loved art. Therefore I started with tee shirt designs and from there my art took off and landed in the hands of many that have created the vision for a supreme manner. The look for fall and winter fashion for the next three years will be of patterned love. Reflection to the way you’ll feel when wearing the material knowing the origin. It’s maker has taken the extra level of care to insure greatness. Technique of carrying the next generation of freedom and culture with freedom of love liberty and clothing. Our first two fashion shows held in Texas became big time for others to gain experience in creating the movement. One word to describe the brand love and what Is love Gods love

Maison Audmi, India @maisonaudmi

“Maison Audmi began as a desire to destigmatise the idea of the man in a dress. A combination of the Hindi words Aurat (Woman) and Aadmi (Man), the label is a tongue-in-cheek homage to androgyny in menswear. The designs bring romantic shapes and soft silhouettes to break the boundaries of traditional men’s fashion. Handcrafted in a cozy little atelier in South Mumbai, India, each garment is made using precision tailoring techniques used in bespoke British menswear design. The handloom fabrics are sourced from artisanal
weavers around India or from deadstock suppliers to keep the process as ethical, cruelty-free and sustainable as possible. With a decade of experience working as an animator, Urvashi is a self-taught dressmaker who intends on using her design knowledge to create visually striking pieces of clothing. As someone who moved from India to the UK at a young age, she hopes to combine the craft of clothes-making from both countries in her work.”

Mantua Silkwear, South Africa @mantuasilkwear

“Mantua Silkwear is designed and manufactured in South Africa, inspired by the spirited, colourful heartbeat of the African Continent. Founder, Designer and Creative Director, Juandi Andrag has always been drawn to the luminosity of silk and its ability to transform to the body. Driven passionately as a counterpoint to disposable fashion, her Mantua Collection of silk scarves and garments, is trans-seasonal and timeless. Upholding it’s focus as a beyond trend product, weaving ethereal stories of colourful self-expression into cloth and robe, with the promise of lasting quality.
As part of her design process Juandi makes use of Watercolour artworks, which are printed onto silk in limited editions and crafted into effortlessly light garments that flow around the body much like an aura of expressive, vibrational colour. Mantua Silkwear honours the Eastern origins of silk and its use in ceremonial practice. The brand pays homage to the mysticism of the Female Deity and the energy and power it creates. As a female owned brand in Africa, Mantua manufactures locally, championing the support and development of local craftswomen. Social responsibility centers around donating profits from selected campaigns to various South African charities in aid of abused women in need.”

Mivinna, Canada-Iran

Even the name of the brand is based on creation and love, Mivinna is created by the love of the designer to her granddaughter, MINA (designer’s name) and VIANNA. Creation is not just about new ideas, it’s also about wise choices to make elegant and unique products. We can say most of the dresses are sustainable design because even a very small amount of fabrics or items which are leftovers will be used in another design with different and new concepts. In the end, you can see the Love in detail.

MPAZ STUDIO, USA @mpazstudio

MPAZ is a Repurposed, Up-cycled and Vintage label

M&M royalty, Netherlands @mmroyaltyofficial

M&M Royalty is a brand which has been established by two sisters from Amsterdam with South American roots. M&M Royalty designs clothing, shoes, belts, bags and accessories for men and women. They produce from daily wear till haute contour. M&M Royalty distinguishes their brand with collection styles that have been inspired by modern fashion and ancient royalty. The designs of the new collection have been influenced by an Egyptian and Indigenous style.

NIKOLOVA, Bulgaria @nikolovais

“By choosing a rather minimalist approach, the Bulgarian fashion brand NIKOLOVA aims to reinvent the post-soviet ideal of beauty in its country by turning the focus of fashion to something pure and simpler, something that better reflects the realities of the modern society. Founded by an architect, the brand is characterized by its conceptual design, clean cuts and the unique message behind every collection.
NIKOLOVA draws inspiration from the modernist art and architecture while calling upon its own values – purity, honesty and freedom. All garments are slowly made in Bulgaria by small team of crafted artisans, and mainly by dead-stock materials.”

Nvious by Neha, India @nviousbyneha

Design your bespoke fashion story. Play with customised prints and patterns to express your unique personality

Omabelle, Kazakhstan

OMABELLE has been delighting its customers with luxurious fur coats, elegant vests, stylish natural fur jackets and the best purchase conditions for 11 years. In OMABELLE, each product is characterized by a comfortable cut, a stylish and elegant look, high performance, practicality and durability. In our salon you will find fur products of different categories and for any age: both for a young girl and for an adult woman, since the sizes are from the smallest to the largest.

Periodique, France @perio.dique

“Periodique is an ethical and handmade brand, that started in Vintage fashion. Slowly, from retouch to reworked, the creator Kimi, started to sew again. The first piece she made from scratch was a corset that was sold on Instagram. The love and interest for her corsets just grew and grew and she was approached to do a small collection for a Vintage store in Montreal named ‘Seconde’. From there, her path through fashion became clearer and she decided to commit officially to designing clothes.

When she was a little girl, she was inspired a lot by her mom who would sew. Kimi loved to do small clothes for her plush animals and really soon, she started to use her mom’s sewing machine. Coming from a small village up in Northern Quebec, her dream was to move to Montreal, a bustling city where fashion has always been flourishing. She decided to take the leap at the age of 18 and started studying in Fashion Design at College Lasalle. Feeling that she wasn’t fitting in the mold of fashion worker and that she needed to find herself a bit more, she abandoned fashion for more than 10 years.

Vintage and Upcycled fashion brought a whole new perspective to her vision of what fashion is in 2021. The new perspective greatly inspired her to fully express her creativity in the modern fashion world. Kimi mostly use curtains, blankets, tablecloths or deadstock fabrics to make her creations, giving them this unique, one of a kind look.

Pinkal Lad, UK @pinkal_lad04

I am Pinkal Lad, a fashion designer who graduated with Masters in fashion design from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. My practice has always been to work sustainably. Every year, millions of pieces of clothing end up in landfill sites due to Fast Fashion. My collection is called ECO-VINTAGE – it is all about using eco printing on the fabric and using recycled fabrics to produce vintage clothes. Most people opt for apparel that reflects their personality, and therefore, designing functional and aesthetically pleasing clothes is necessary to meet every individual’s demands. I like to design for people who can wear them no matter their size or height.

Renacio, USA @renacioreyes

“My name is Carlos Reyes but I am more professionally known as Renacio. I have finished studies in Fashion Design at both The University of North Texas as well as the Paris American Academy. Specializing in women’s couture and evening wear, I have spilled my creativity onto the world using the Red Carpet as my canvas. My brand Renacio has been featured on Vogue and Time magazine as well as many other publications. I pride myself in executing flawless garments to my clients that meet not only their needs but the sophisticated Renacio aesthetic. There is so much joy to be had when a piece finds a peaceful spot on the intersection of my brand’s established look and my client’s needs.
Poised, Renacio paints an image of confidence that allures and seduces. Sexuality and sophistication find themselves dancing dauntlessly alongside one another, a dark ballad with unapologetic exultancy. Needle and thread passing through the fabric, mirroring the cherub’s fingertips and their weightless harps on satin clouds. For every note struck, a silk adornment added; every octave change, a garment finalized.”

Rising Among, India @risingamong

“Born out of the true desire to start a conversation, Rising Among brings forth a space for individuals to wear their minds. The idea of this homegrown Indian brand was conceptualized, executed and launched amidst the pandemic in 2020. The brains behind the Streetwear label are former college roommates from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York – Riya and Amruta. Their combined expertise in business and design has created a strong foundation for the empire they hope to establish. They have aimed to create a platform for global streetwear in India where individuals can get a free pass to speak, live, and wear whatever they want.
They strongly focus on their clothing being ‘made to rewear’ and have frequently used the term ‘Reworked’ to describe their apparel as they love experimenting with fabric textures, upcycling garments, fabrics & trims, while bringing out the utility & functionality of clothing for the wearer to play with. This season at Paris Fashion Week, Rising Among is showcasing, ‘Untamed’, a collection of clothing that is not bound to fit in. It features uncontrolled design details like random bursts of tie dye, fabric pleating and drawstring pulls which is a reflection of the rawness seen within street style. It is meant to celebrate being ostentatiously daring, self-expressive, and spontaneous.”

Seola, Colombia @seolaoficial

“Swimwear inspired by the only thing we have: This moment.”

Sientochenta, Colombia @sientochenta

We are a fashion brand on its path towards sustainability. Our garments are hand-made and our fabrics are conscious. Sientochenta is an insight into the permanent change that’s possible in your life. Through fashion, we seek what’s best for you and our planet.

Sima Collezione, USA @simacollezione

“Sima Collezione unravels to the world a preview showcase from her 50 exclusive, high style, never ever seen before evening wear dress collection. Her passion and heart and soul have merged to create an exclusive line. For the first time ever, Sima Collezione is bringing all the positive forces of nature into her one of a kind evening wear collection. Each of her dresses exemplifies a theme that encompasses the essence of love, peace, hope, faith, kindness and charity! She has blended beauty with heart and Soul!
Her dresses celebrate the ultimate of elegance, glamour, class and integrity. Each dress is unique and different yet at the same time cohesive to her theme. Each dress represents a deeper essence in nature and divinity. They are truly a work of art!
The mission of Sima Collezione is to empower women by bringing out each woman’s inner beauty and light. Each sale will help another woman in need through the brand’s charity!
Sima’s dream is to empower all the women in the world and hopes all women stand as beacon of love, faith, hope and soldiers of light in our new world! She wants to build positive consciousness for women all around the globe!”

SOUTH ST PTY, Australia

“SOUTH.ST is an Australian loungewear, eveningwear and swimwear label, foundered by designer Harley Booth.
SOUTH.ST is known for its effortless looks, unisex designs & luxurious sweatsuits which feature dropped shoulders and oversized fits. SOUTH.ST is all about comfort and quality and this is front of mind when sourcing fabrics and creating each piece.”

Stay Ribelle, USA @stayribelle

Stay Ribelle is a luxurious streetwear clothing brand founded by Ryan Smith in 2019. Ryan is a current student at Michigan State University studying creative advertising. He created Stay Ribelle for individuals who live beyond life’s expectations. Stay Ribelle means stay true to yourself, no one lives your life but you, you only get one life, so why live for others?

TheRealB, India @therealblife

“TheRealB is a curation of exemplary designs that embraces the authenticity of crafts, cloth, colours and culture, catering to the ever-evolving aesthetic of the real confident beauties of our times. A seamless balance of elegance and edgy subsumed into each outfit is at the core of our brand.
Each silhouette, each cut, each hue, each detail, each fabric is chosen to create styles that are a real representation of the bold and bespoke.”

valianu, Australia @valianuofficial

“Established in 2021, Valianu is a luxury streetwear brand that was born from the desire to create comfortable, timeless, everyday pieces whilst maintaining exclusivity with pre-sales, short-runs, and seasonal updates – our designs inspire confidence in everyone who wears them. Created by two sisters, The name ‘VALIANU’ expands from our Romanian heritage, which is reflected in our brand designs & logo.
Our paternal grandparents Armand and Denise Valeanu (later anglicised) migrated to Australia in the 1950s, and our grandmother owned and operated a successful dress shop in Maroubra Junction for circa 25 years. Inspired by her success, we named our brand Valianu honouring our Romanian heritage. Designed and based in Sydney, Australia.”

Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture, Sweden @vanessa.joanncouture

“We are purely driven by the love of design. With sustainability as the epicentre of our business, we make sure to use carefully chosen materials with minimum waste. We like to make our clients feel special by only producing small quantities of our designs and using the best craftsmanship. We also have a made to measure service as we like to cater to everyone who loves us!
As a young girl, Vanessa the founder, would often create different designs for dolls and hand stitch them. Those dolls had the most beautiful clothes! As a teenager, she would often take dresses and skirts that were considered boring and cut them up to create something trendy. People would often ask where she bought them because they looked unusual and interesting.
Vanessa has always loved crafting with fabric and other materials to create beautiful pieces of art. She gets most of her inspiration from nature, her love of art and travelling the world. This love of creativity has deepened and settled itself in the beautiful little town of Höllviken, Sweden with its charming and natural surroundings full of inspiration. This is where the magic happens! Everything is created with love, care and thoughtfulness. In beautiful Höllviken, this is where we do what we love best, crafting fine evening and special occasions wear for women!”

VERRO, Czech Republic @verro_official

“””I have worked as a model for the last ten years, but my true passion has always been fashion design.
I was fortunate to have an opportunity to live in different places around the world during my modeling career including London, Milan, New York City, Paris, and Tokyo. During my travels I met interesting people and it moved me closer to my genuine interest as a designer rather than a model.
I have always been a very creative person and traveling to the biggest capitals gave me a lot of inspiration and perspective and I become interested in the entire process from creating dresses to sewing. I learned about the quality of materials and enrolled in fashion design courses.
Over the last four years I started designing my own clothing line. In 2018 hosted my own fashion show and at that moment in time I realized that being a designer is what truly makes me happy and how I want to spend the rest of my life.”

Viktoria Marchev, USA @viktoria.marchev

Viktoria Marchev (formerly known as Viktoria Tisza), Hungarian fashion designer launched her brand mainly focusing on women’s swimwear. Since 2014 she has been experimenting with new technologies and she has created molded pieces of silicone rubber, a versatile material that supports her sci-fi ambience concepts. The technology developed and the pieces created besides being visually pleasing, waterproof and enduring are highly eco-friendly, as there is no waste produced during the creative process and keeping them clean hardly needs water and chemicals. In one of her previous collections she upgraded the technology by injecting water between layers of silicone to create the ‘Splash’ effect. With each and every collection she stretches her boundaries to lift silicone art to a new level. Throughout her fashion career so far she designed more than 9 collections and multiple capsule collections.

VISHNYAKOVA, Lithuania @vishnyakova.official

“The brand is the brainchild of Anna Vishnyakova (creator and designer of VISHNYAKOVA), founded in 2021. Designer graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts majoring in Fashion design.

VISHNYAKOVA focuses on designing unique and extraordinary aesthetic and style while delivering the elements of femininity, contemporary vintage and an intriguing interplay of elegant classic with a spice of oriental and bright tropics in its collections. VISHNYAKOVA seeks contact with a nature and represents harmony with it in a glamorous way.

VISHNYAKOVA main goal is to produce best quality clothing, using unique design and high quality materials and natural fabrics as silk, wool, cotton and rayon. In order to avoid overproduction, we create clothes only after getting an order. In this way, we present ourselves as a conscious and slow fashion brand.”

Wacay, Thailand @wacay.official

WACAY is a modern luxury vacation wear from Bangkok, Thailand. The designs reflect an urban lady who has luxury travel lifestyles. Our clothes are made of the genuinely crafted signature monogram fabrics and the finest fabrics from the country. Our main mission is to create clothes to empower women through designs and embody the distinctive styles of an individual, with bold and self-respecting attitudes.

Flying Solo is a curated fashion incubator, giving designers opportunities for retail presence at their luxury boutiques in Soho, showroom representation for editorial and celebrity pulls and runway show opportunities during New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. The brand has become an industry disruptor leading to praise from top media outlets from Vogue Italia to Elle.

About Flying Solo

Founded by designers themselves, in just 5 years since opening, Flying Solo has proved to be one of the biggest fashion platforms launching the careers of many independent designers. Flying Solo is a membership-based retail service with over 200+ current members and a waitlist of over 1,500 brands collaborating in order to create a thriving retail industry that works for the most innovative designers and brands. In 2018 & 2019 Flying Solo continued expanding, adding another 8,000 sq ft location at 382 W Broadway and their invite-only location called The Copper Room. In June 2020, Flying Solo expanded into an 8,000 square foot flagship store at 420 West Broadway. The store has a notable clientele including Cardi B, Bella Hadid, Alicia Keys, Coco Rocha, Vanessa Hudgens, Leandra Medine, and many others.

Here is list of website were Sima Collezion was featured about this event.

Harpers Bazaar

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Marie Claire

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Fashion Week on line


Woman Elperiodico

The impression

Madame Lefigaro

V runway

In Her Own Words: Sima Azadegan designs a new life

As we face a new Covid variant, women reflect on what the pandemic has meant to their families, their colleagues, their customers and their communities. Sima Azadegan thought the pandemic was a time to follow her dreams.

"As the first cry of the pandemic hit us last march, I had two choices! One was to listen to the news and be overwhelmed by horrifying reports of what was happening around the world, or I could for the first time step into my own shoes and follow my own dream and passion that I had ever since I was a young girl. I decided to listen to my own voices and chose the latter option. I can say with much confidence now that following my dreams and passion has truly paid off for me.

The pandemic gave me an opportunity to have an introspective look inside and decide how I was going to live the rest of my life. Oftentimes, in life we are faced with challenges and experience dark days but it is up to us how we want to live. Do we succumb to the negativity which weighs us down or do we want to rise above it all and stand as a soldier of light? It's pertinent that we act as warriors. With perseverance, faith and hope it is possible to overcome difficulties and reach our highest potential. Following our dreams and passion is not a cliche but a responsibility that we have while living here on planet earth.

In a little over a year, ever since the pandemic, I created my company, Sima Collezione. It is a fashion line with heart and soul. It comprises 50 designs of high style, exclusive, one of a kind evening dresses. I have brought back elegance, glamour, integrity, beauty and refinement. Moreover, I have incorporated the positive forces of nature through my fashion line. Each dress encompasses a theme, a story, a value from nature and the divinity. These designs have come from my higher consciousness and I truly believe that I have a responsibility to share them with the world.

My company’s mission is to empower women by creating bold and vibrant dresses and at the same time helping charity. Since helping charity is an integral part of my character, I have made this an important mission for my company. I would like Sima Collezione to be a worldwide phenomenon whereby ladies can tap into their inner beauty and allow their inner light to shine while at the same time knowing that they are helping another individual in need. I would like Sima Collezione to help build positive consciousness for all the women in the world.

I am truly grateful for the pandemic as it gave me the opportunity to follow my dream and my passion. So far, it has taken me to feature my collection at the New York Fashion Week this September, being an executive contributor for the brainz magazine and having my own podcast series at the Podcast Business News Group! All of this, because I decided not to listen to other people, media, friends and family who were petrified of Covid but on the other hand, I decided to listen to myself.

Be true to yourself and stand up for what you believe in no matter how dark the outside world is or how big the pandemic is."

This is a time of virtual community and sharing. We’re asking women how the pandemic has impacted their personal and/or professional lives. Please send an e-mail to if you would like to contribute to this continuing narrative.

Sima Collezione Founder Sima Azadegan: 'No matter how dark the outside world is, you have to pursue your dream and passion'

Her story is one of those we need for inspiration and to tell women all over the world that it is never too late to discover one's passion. Sima was a child of an immigrant family and from a young age, she was taught not to have a voice. She always wanted to do the right thing and she quickly discovered her talent in piano that led her to become a piano teacher for over two decades.

After raising her family, she felt something was missing in her life. She decided to go against what people expected of her, she found her inner voice and decided to follow a lifelong passion. She created Sima Collezione at the age of 50. Her purpose with the clothing brand is to empower women all over the world by creating bold and vibrant dresses, which bring out their inner beauty and light.

Since the first vision and decision to pursue her dream, she has already by now achieved more than most people could dream of. She has been selected to show her first collection at NYC Fashion Week this September, she has been featured in Forbes and Bloomberg among others,  and her brand has already been awarded several awards and recognitions - and the first collection is not even finished yet!


I have lived a complete life and I have done a lot during my lifetime. I am married for 30 years coming up this month! I have 2 children, one 27 years old and another 25 years old. I have adopted an 8 year old as well. I have been a piano teacher for close to 20 years. I also sing classical opera! I have worked as board of director to 4 charities here in Los Angeles. I have traveled the world and have worked consistently on revealing my own truths. At the age of 50, I decided to follow my dream and passion as I created my company, Sima Collezione!  


What I have done, I truly believe no designer in the world has!!! During Covid, while I was sitting at home, I created 50 designs of high style, elegant, evening dresses. While I was sketching these designs, I did not look at one magazine or one book. The inspiration came to me from my heart as well as my higher consciousness. These designs are very original and as I see it very raw!! I have brought back elegance, class, beauty, integrity that is so needed in our world today. I went even a step further during covid and created an art work for each of these dresses that exemplifies a theme from nature and divinity. In turn, I have created a clothing line with heart and soul. It is a clothing line with value and meaning. Ladies all over the world can wear these exclusive high style evening dresses that can give them meaning and value, depth and understanding about the meaning of life!


What motivated me was the truth that I had a soul awakening at the age of 50! Every cell in my body was telling me to go forwards and follow my life long dream that I had ever since childhood. I had spent 50 years of my life, pleasing people and trying to do the right thing for everyone. At 50, I felt that it was my time to live my life and create my own destiny as I saw it. Even Though, I faced a lot of resistance from my closest family, I decided to listen to myself and follow my passion. Ever Since then, it has been a dream !


My biggest fear that I had was to get a budget to start this passion project. At first, my husband and children thought that I was delusional and were not supportive. I had to work so hard to get that budget from my husband to start this project. And so far, it has paid off for me. The other fear that I had was to find the right people with integrity to help me. If I felt that certain people were not right for me, I would not continue to work with them.


My goal is that I want to bring a huge change to the apparel industry. I want ladies to look inside themselves and shine their own inner light rather than be so concerned so much with the superficialities of the outside world. I would also like to empower women not only through my clothing line but through my own story and my own dream!


Honestly, I have not experienced a big challenge! I am taking my time with this project and making my decisions thoroughly and with a lot of perspective. I do not like to make quick and fast decisions that would not serve me and or my company. I see myself doing this for the rest of my life, so I am not in a rush.


My advice is that no matter how dark the outside world is, you have to pursue your dream and passion. God has given us talents and gifts and it is our responsibility to manifest them while at the same time work for the overall good of the world!


Sima Azadegan of ‘Sima Collezione’: “. Even if people had told me before, I still had to learn the lessons by myself and all alone.”

… a founder has to be a leader with vision, integrity, strength and have a cause or a passion that she or he wants to pursue. It’s very easy to be swayed in many directions if you are not strong enough to stand your ground. It’s important to have a vision so you can lead […]

… a founder has to be a leader with vision, integrity, strength and have a cause or a passion that she or he wants to pursue. It’s very easy to be swayed in many directions if you are not strong enough to stand your ground. It’s important to have a vision so you can lead the people that are working for you in the right direction. A leader has to have integrity. I believe only with good morals and good intention can a company or a vision come alive. I don’t believe in the game of manipulation or any other mind games. Truth will always prevail.

As a part of our series about “Why We Need More Women Founders”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Sima Azadegan. Sima Azadegan was born from an immigrant family, and at a young age, she failed to find a voice. She grew up wanting to do the right thing, and most of all, to please others. Today she has taken on the mission to empower other women through her clothing brand Sima Collezione, of which she is the founder and CEO.

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Before we dig in, our readers would like to get to know you a bit more. Can you tell us a bit about your “backstory”? What led you to this particular career path?

I have lived a complete life! At 9 years of age I started my classical piano training. At age 17 I went to University of Southern California and by the age of 20, I was married. I became a piano teacher for 20 years. Worked on board members of four major charities here in Los Angeles. Raised my 2 children who are now 25 and 27 years old. Adopted another child. I participated in many charitable organizations and did a lot of inner journey and self discovery work on myself. At the age of 50, I was ready to step into my own shoes and follow my dreams and passion. That is when I created my company, Sima Collezione!

Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you since you began leading your company?

Yes! The funniest story, which right now is funny but at that time it wasn’t. When I first told my family that I was going to create my clothing company. They thought I had gone mad and that I was delusional. First time ever, I went to meet a business advisor at a coffee shop and my husband thought that I was having an affair!!! He couldn’t believe that I could actually go and meet a man at a coffee shop just to get business advice.

Can you share a story about the funniest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that?

Yes, At the beginning of my journey, a lot of people wanted to work with me or in another word lead me on their own wagon. One reason is that they thought I am a housewife going after her passion project and thought they could use me to make a lot of money for themselves. During Covid, while staying at home, a lot of things were made clear to me. The most important lesson I learned was not to trust people blindly. I have to give people a chance to prove themselves. For me, action speaks louder than words! It is through people’s actions that I can trust them.

None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are? Can you share a story about that?

Yes! I would like to give all the credit to who I am and what I have achieved so far to my grandmother Susana Cohen! She is not here with us now but her genes and her demeanor are alive and well within me. She was a holocaust survivor who at the age of 14 came to live in Iran. Not knowing one word of English, she met my grandfather and lived happily. Even after my grandfather passed away, she lived a life with strength, integrity, grace and humility. She was a warrior and a survivor and I definitely have inherited her genes.

Ok, thank you for that. Let’s now jump to the primary focus of our interview. According to this EY report, only about 20 percent of funded companies have women founders. This reflects great historical progress, but it also shows that more work still has to be done to empower women to create companies. In your opinion and experience what is currently holding back women from founding companies?

I think the most important concept for women to achieve in their lifetime is to have a strong sense of belief in themselves and their own capabilities. We experience challenges and resistance at all times but we have to be strong enough to face our fears and overcome our difficulties to reach a point where we can follow our own dreams and passions in our lifetime.

Can you help articulate a few things that can be done as individuals, as a society, or by the government, to help overcome those obstacles?

Yes, In order to look outside to find solutions for our lives, we need to look inside and work on creating a better person out of ourselves. We need to first focus on our own flaws, weaknesses and our own demons. We need to deal with them first in order to become better people for our families and our society.

This might be intuitive to you as a woman founder but I think it will be helpful to spell this out. Can you share a few reasons why more women should become founders?

I believe that no matter what, women should follow their own passions and dreams. We all have so many innate talents that we have to manifest in this world. We all have a responsibility to follow our dreams and make them come true.

What are the “myths” that you would like to dispel about being a founder. Can you explain what you mean?

I am not sure what you mean about “myths” I believe anyone who is driven, hard working, focused and disciplined can pursue their dreams and reach their full potential as a person.

Is everyone cut out to be a founder? In your opinion, which specific traits increase the likelihood that a person will be a successful founder and what type of person should perhaps seek a “regular job” as an employee? Can you explain what you mean?

I think a founder has to be a leader with vision, integrity, strength and have a cause or a passion that she or he wants to pursue. It’s very easy to be swayed in many directions if you are not strong enough to stand your ground. It’s important to have a vision so you can lead the people that are working for you in the right direction. A leader has to have integrity. I believe only with good morals and good intention can a company or a vision come alive. I don’t believe in the game of manipulation or any other mind games. Truth will always prevail.

Ok super. Here is the main question of our interview. What are your “5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started” and why? (Please share a story or example for each.)

I really don’t have “ The 5 things I wish someone told me before I started. “ I thought for a long time about this question, and I am very happy that I learned all my lessons on my own during this journey. I am glad that I had to face my own challenges, because that was the best way I could learn and grow through this process. Even if people had told me before, I still had to learn the lessons by myself and all alone.

How have you used your success to make the world a better place?

When I started my company, my mission was to help empower women and help charities as long as I live. This is my vision, my mission and my dream!

You are a person of great influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good for the greatest number of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger.

I would like to make a change in the apparel industry. I want ladies to instead of being so concerned about the superficialities of the outside world, instead to look inside and shine their own individual light to the universe. I would like to empower women to stand with strength, hope, love, light, compassion, peace, charity and all the positive forces of the universe.

We are very blessed that some very prominent names in Business, VC funding, Sports, and Entertainment read this column. Is there a person in the world, or in the US with whom you would love to have a private breakfast or lunch with, and why? He or she might just see this if we tag them.

Yes!!! I would love to have breakfast or lunch with Anna Wintour who is the editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine. I would love to share my ideas and insight about the apparel industry. I would love to share my vision of my collection and how it can bring positive consciousness to all the women on the globe.

Thank you for these fantastic insights. We greatly appreciate the time you spent on this.