Sima Azadegan Launches Dream Clothing Line at Sima Collezione

Life is often a journey with many twists and turns. Many people have plans regarding what they want to do in life but somehow end up in circumstances they have not anticipated. Fashion designer Sima Azadegan is a creative who started in classical piano before she found her passion for designing clothes. After years of learning more about herself, she has found her voice and is now prepared to follow her dream and destiny.

Sima Azadegan was born as the third child to an immigrant family. From a young age, she always wanted to do the right thing. Sima started training in classical piano at the age of nine, and music became a defining part of her life. She entered USC at 17 and graduated with a double major in Political Science and Music. 

For 20 years, Sima Azadegan maintained a career as a classical piano teacher. While working, she also strived to create a good life for her husband and children. Besides teaching and raising her family, Sima also got involved with several charitable causes over the years. “Helping other people and doing the right thing was still very much a part of me,” Sima shares. She was on the board of Hadassah, raising money for the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. She was also on the board of Neuro Muscular Disease Foundation, which aims to find a cure for its patients. Sima also served on the board of Beyond Vision, a foundation that helps visually impaired children gain a love for music.

With her children now adults, Sima Azadegan felt that her life was entering a period of change. She faced hardships and struggled during this transitional period in her life. She embarked on a journey to explore her inner consciousness, learning more about herself, and getting a clearer picture of her true identity and mission in life. Through the time Sima spent on her inner journey, she found her calling. “I realized that every breath I took and every experience I went through was in preparation for this moment of awakening,” the designer shares, “Now, at this time of my life, I have found my voice and my passion.”

Sima Azadegan started Sima Collezione, her fashion company. This company aims to empower women by creating bold, vibrant, and unique dresses that bring out the beauty and light inherent in every woman. Sima has created 50 haute couture designs, which she calls her Dream Dresses. This collection made use of bold solid colors that inspire confidence and jewels that help women shine their inner light. Sima’s line has classic charm and elegance with a European flair. Sima shares, “Each piece is a unique piece of art!”

Women are at the center of the Sima Collezione mission. Each sale will help a woman in need through the company’s charity. The Sima Collezione team highly values compassion, integrity, love, and light. They hope that anyone wearing a Sima Azadegan creation will become a shining light in the universe, bringing back class, elegance, and refinement.

Sima Azadegan lived believing her life path to go in a certain direction. When faced with the opportunity for change, she had the strength to persevere through all the challenges and eventually found her dream. “I believe that in following my dream, I am reaching my highest potential. Hopefully I can help build a positive consciousness for other women as well,” Sima says.

For more information on Sima Azadegan and Sima Collezione, you may visit this website. Connect with Sima through Instagram and LinkedIn.


by Ryann Pierre November 16, 2020