Sima Azadegan of Sima Collezione Puts Elegance Back in Fashion

As someone who grew up without a voice, Sima Azadegan, who is the brilliant visionary behind Sima Collezione, found a way to tell her story through the details in the fabrics that she works with. Using her gifted hands, she creates pieces that speak volumes about her passion and drive. And as she continues to inspire everyone with her creativity and finesse, she has taken the fashion industry by storm. 

With her impressive sense of style, Sima Azadegan has sparked a revolution that celebrates individuality and embraces uniqueness. True enough, her works exhibit elegance that exudes timeliness and class in the most remarkable way possible. And through her exceptional vision, the esteemed fashion designer has shown the world what fashion is all about. 

Born and bred in an immigrant family, Sima Azadegan recalls being a young girl who always wanted to do the right thing and please others. When she was nine years old, she kicked off her classical piano training, and it eventually set the momentum for the rest of her life. 

At the age of seventeen, Sima Azadegan entered USC and graduated with a double major in Political Science and Music. Around four years later, she met her husband and started their lives together. She then became a classical piano teacher for twenty years while juggling her duties at home. And having been blessed with a wonderful family, she takes pride in her son, Daniel, her daughter, Dana, and her adopted boy, Jordi. 

Throughout the years, Sima Azadegan has immersed herself in many charitable causes like raising money for the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, being on the board of Neuromuscular Disease Foundation and Beyond Vision, being a member of the International Female Society of Entrepreneurs, and many more. She is also a part of the Visionary Women Organization, which is led by Lilli Bosse, the mayor of Beverly Hills. 

Sima Azadegan used to be a counselor and traveled the world as she taught women about spirituality. It allowed her to grow closer to her true identity. And according to her, she treated every hardship and struggle as a sign of the awakening of her soul and the realization of her life purpose—designing dresses. As a result, she created Sima Collezione.

Grounded on the mission of empowering women, Sima Collezione offers bold and vibrant dresses that bring out one’s inner beauty and radiance. Each dress is made with a purpose and represents a deeper meaning of nature and love. And with the brand’s charity program, the proceeds will be used to help another woman in need. 

Built around the pillars of compassion, integrity, peace, and kindness, Sima Collezione brings class and refinement to a whole new level. 

The fashion industry is known for overflowing with talented designers and other success-driven creatives. However, Sima Azadegan still manages to shine because her outstanding work ethic and deep-rooted values are unlike any other. And although her creations have gained recognition for being eye-catching, it is their ability to capture hearts and ignite souls that make them truly stand out. 

Using her story and journey towards success, Sima Azadegan has become an inspiration to aspiring creatives from across the globe. She encourages these individuals to step into their light and get in touch with their confidence. She wants to remind everyone that beauty comes from within. One must simply have the courage to tap into it and unleash it for the world to see. 

To know more about Sima Azadegan, you may visit her website, Instagram, or LinkedIn account.

November 13, 2020  Jenny Davidson