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Weaving and Wearing Dreams and Story With Sima Azadegan

Millions of women around the globe have built their dreams and goals through dedication, persistence, and hard work, and Sima Azadegan is one of those women. Sima Azadegan was born from an immigrant family, and at her young age, she failed to find a voice. She grew up wanting to do the right thing, and most of all, to please others. Yet, her creative path already started when she enrolled in classical piano training, which became a momentum-setter for the rest of her life. At the age of 17, Sima Azadegan entered the University of Southern California and graduated with a double major in Political Science and Music. Her hard work vividly manifested when she started to raise her own...

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Sima Collezione to Launch Its High Fashion Gowns This 2021

2021 is a year full of promise for rising fashion designer and entrepreneur Sima Azadegan as her dream to launch her own line of high fashion dresses and gowns come to fruition. As she prepares to introduce Sima Collezione to the world, she also unravels a new and exciting season in her life after overcoming life’s many challenges, finding her true inner beauty, and discovering her untapped creativity. Determined to see her vision come to pass, Azadegan will be revolutionizing the fashion industry with her extraordinary eye for fashion. Her greatest motivation is to empower every woman who wears her unique creations and for them to also tap into their inner strength and beauty as they set out to conquer...

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Sima Azadegan of Sima Collezione Proves It's Never Too Late to Discover One's Passion

One often settles in a profession after dedicating decades to it. For more than two decades, Sima Azadegan has nurtured a career as a classical piano teacher. Her journey in music began at the young age of 17. But being the multifaceted creative that she is, Sima fiercely pivoted her life in pursuit of another passion. Sima Azadegan is the founder and CEO of ​Sima Collezione​, a clothing brand that forwards colorful and empowering pieces for women made by women. Named after herself, the founder seeks to radiate her personality and feminine touch. "Sima Collezione exemplifies the ultimate of beauty, femininity, elegance, class, and strength. Most importantly, anyone who wears Sima Collezione will shine like a star," said the founder....

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