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Sima Azadegan Launches Dream Clothing Line at Sima Collezione

Life is often a journey with many twists and turns. Many people have plans regarding what they want to do in life but somehow end up in circumstances they have not anticipated. Fashion designer Sima Azadegan is a creative who started in classical piano before she found her passion for designing clothes. After years of learning more about herself, she has found her voice and is now prepared to follow her dream and destiny. Sima Azadegan was born as the third child to an immigrant family. From a young age, she always wanted to do the right thing. Sima started training in classical piano at the age of nine, and music became a defining part of her life. She entered...

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Sima Azadegan, Purpose-Driven Fashion Designer and Humanitarian at the Helm of Sima Collezione

  For a considerable number of entrepreneurs and industry leaders, it is not the vision of a successful future that primarily lies as the fuel behind their drive to dominate their fields. In the case of fashion designer and resilient icon Sima Azadegan, the creative mind behind Sima Collezione, the hardships and struggles that she surpassed motivated her to build a brand and imprint her legacy in the world. On a mission to send across a powerful message of hope, strength, and perseverance, Sima Azadegan, the third child of an immigrant family, stands at the helm of a company dedicated to empowering women by creating bold and vibrant dresses. Through Sima Collezione, she brings out the inner light and beauty...

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How Sima Azadegan Revolutionizes the World of Fashion

Fashion is an expression of oneself. It changes over time. Fashion is also a statement of who you are. People have to deal with fashion every day. Traditions, trends, and seasons influence the way people perceive fashion. For Sima Azadegan, her vision is to create the best dresses ever. She believes that by creating unique dresses, she will be able to influence and empower other women. Sima Azadegan was born as the third child of an immigrant family. As a young girl, she always loved to do the right things. Earlier in her life, she found a love for classical piano. This kind of love led her to teach classical piano lessons for two decades of her life. Sima’s children...

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Sima Azadegan of Sima Collezione Puts Elegance Back in Fashion

As someone who grew up without a voice, Sima Azadegan, who is the brilliant visionary behind Sima Collezione, found a way to tell her story through the details in the fabrics that she works with. Using her gifted hands, she creates pieces that speak volumes about her passion and drive. And as she continues to inspire everyone with her creativity and finesse, she has taken the fashion industry by storm.  With her impressive sense of style, Sima Azadegan has sparked a revolution that celebrates individuality and embraces uniqueness. True enough, her works exhibit elegance that exudes timeliness and class in the most remarkable way possible. And through her exceptional vision, the esteemed fashion designer has shown the world what fashion...

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