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Sima Collezione Drapes the Modern Woman in Bold, Colorful Fabrics

Nothing sparks confidence more than a well-cut high-quality fabric ready to paint the colors of tomorrow. Ready to accompany the modern woman on her way to change the world, Sima Collezione was created with the mission to empower by creating bold and vibrant dresses to complement the inner beauty and light within each woman. For the past 50 years, creative Sima Azadegan has been walking towards this moment, and now she’s ready to tell her story. “Throughout many years, I went through an inner journey of my own consciousness,” she shares.  “Every breath that I took and every experience that I went through helped me grow to become closer to my true identity. Every hardship and struggle was a sure...

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How Sima Azadegan Boosts Confidence With Sima Collezione

Children tend to try and please other people, especially adults and their peers. As a young girl, Sima Azadegan always wanted to do the right thing and appease people. Being the third child of an immigrant family, Sima never had a voice but still tried to keep everyone happy. When she turned nine, Sima took classical piano training, setting up the momentum for the rest of her life. She would later enter USC and graduate with a double major in Political Science and Music. By twenty-one, she met her husband and started a new life together. They would later have three children, Daniel, Dana, and Jordi, the latter being adopted but loved as if he was their own son. While...

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Sima Azadegan Stands at the Helm of Purpose-Driven Fashion Brand Sima Collezione

Lifestyle Empowerment frequently lies at the core of the ventureof entrepreneurs who needed it themselves at one point or another. Looking back, Sima Azadegan, the creative visionary behind Sima Collezione, did not have a voice as a young girl. Today, she has taken on the mission to empower other women, help individuals in need, and highlight the values of love, compassion, integrity, peace, charity, and human kindness.  Sima Azadegan, the third child of an immigrant family, is a multi-talented personality who started her classical piano training at the age of nine — an endeavor that set the momentum for the trail of accomplishments laid out before her. Years down the road, this Political Science and Music graduate from the University...

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